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WE PULL into Hoi An, Vietnam at around 6:30 am, jittery, exhausted, and frankly relieved to be alive. The 12 hours previous to our arrival have been a nightmarish, non-stop, seeming suicide attempt by an overnight bus driver who insisted on barreling around 25km/hr corners…

History (and Heat) in Hoi An

Hanoi is a city of nearly 7 million people, but it still feels like a village.  Of all the cities we have visited in Vietnam, Hanoi surprised us the most with its charm and laid-back vibe. We spent the most time in the Hang Ma…

Hanoi Living

SON TRA PENINSUALA lies just 8 kilometers by motorbike east of Da Nang on Vietnam’s central coast but feels like a different world than the buzzing small city nearby. It’s truly a refreshing break from the city’s noise. A bike trip into the interior of…

PHOTO ESSAY: Son Tra Peninsula, Vietnam

On the road from Da Nang City to Hoi An on Vietnam’s central coast lies one of the most stunning road passes in the world: the Hai Van Pass, beloved by motor enthusiasts. Beej and Stax (a.k.a, the Misadventurists) couldn’t pass up the chance to tackle the pass (and learn a little bit about history, and pig grooming, along the way!)

All filming by Stacy Libokmeto with Canon EOS 60D.  Music by M83, Gordon Lightfoot and Hans Zimmer (full credits in the end titles).

Video: Riding the Hai Van Pass

One of the highlights of any trip to Vietnam is the trip up the Central Coast from Mui Ne to Nha Trang. While there are several tourist attractions along this route, the biggest draw is simply the chance to be out in the natural beauty…

PHOTO/VIDEO ESSAY: Sunset at Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Relying on someone else to translate your thoughts while in another country can sometimes lead to hilarious moments, moments you might not even realize are hilarious until months later when you’re going through your footage with a different translator and those strange answers and odd looks…

Lost and wading through Translation

Here’s another Video Snapshot for our beautiful followers. Bokor Mountain Hill Station in Kampot province, Cambodia, was built by the colonial French as a resort for their brass at the top of a 3,200 ft peak in the Elephant Mountains. In the next decades various occupiers…

PHOTO/VIDEO ESSAY: Motoring Bokor NP, Cambodia

This final installment in our serial short film takes us on a rather hallucinatory journey through the final temple. Immortalized by the Tomb Raider films, Ta Prohm is an atmospheric, tumble-down wonder that can only be reached via a half-mile pathway through thick jungle.

Stax wanted to get across our total exhaustion, with sweltering 100 degree heat adding to mounting fatigue. The thickness of the heat and the cries of the jungle birds, along with the weirdness of the locale and a relentless stream of comically well-dressed tourists joined together to make this the most colorful of our temple experiences.

Ta Prohm (3 Temples, Part III)

Hi Misadventurists – time for Part III of our serialized short, “Three Temples”!

This episode takes you through Bayon, the one-time center of Angkor Thom – and otherwise known as the Temple of Faces (you’ll soon see why…)

Shot by Stax and Beej. Edited by Stax. Narrated by Beej.


Bayon (3 Temples, Part II)

Three Temples: Sunrise over Angkor Wat is set just after the previous intro we posted, on the grounds of the main temple at Angkor as the sun rises and the day heats up. Enjoy!

Produced, Filmed and Edited by Stacy Libokmeto.

All music used by Attribution/Non-Commercial licenses from FreeMusicArchive.org.


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VIDEO: Sunrise Over Angkor Wat (Three Temples, Part I)