At long last, our Kickstarter campaign is near its launch date!

After months on hiatus while traveling, shooting, reshooting, editing, researching and writing, we are almost done putting together our Kickstarter campaign for “I Do: A Wedding of Cultures”! (cue crowds cheering, glasses clinking, parrots exploding).

We launch July 8. We’ll have a week of updates leading up to the launch date, including photo and video updates, details about the film and production process, and excitingly for us – more geo-quizzes (as before we’ll send winners of the challenge a cool postcard!) We’ll introduce preview images from our pilot, “I Do: A Khmer Wedding Tale” and other fun stuff.

Also, we have a leeeeetle challenge for you all. If you loyal followers can push our Misadventurist Films Facebook page likes up to 200 by the end of the countdown week (Wednesday, July 8) – OR our website follows up to 250 by recommending us to other bloggers – we’ll put together a video of us lip-synching and loosely interpreting the classic, “I Feel the Earth Move” by Carole King. Yes, we’ll humiliate ourselves for a little social media love.

So invite your friends to like us – we should be able to make that goal in no time!

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