Where in the World are the Misadventurists ? (Day 3 of Kickstarter countdown!)

In honor of Day 3 of our week-long countdown to the launch of our Kickstarter on July 8, it’s time for another marvelous Geo-Quiz!

Three important clues we shall give. All who send us a FB message on our Misadventurist Films page, or email us at misadventuristfilms@gmail.com, with the correct answer will be in the drawing for the prize: a neato-frito postcard from a mystery country sent to your mailbox! The first three names we draw out of the hat will get one.


Clue 1:  This famously laid-back town of around 700 people is located in the sparsely-populated, mountainous northeastern region of a country that shares borders with both China and Vietnam. It is located right on a major river whose name translates roughly to “Rice Bowl River” in English.1424521_1498658137066297_24978251827073413_n

Clue #2:  You won’t see many vehicles here but for motorbikes and bicycles. The town only got permanent electricity in 2013, and due to a lack of navigable roads (meaning no buses) the river is the major transport in and out. Still it does have two book exchanges doing robust business, several delicious restaurants, scores of wooden bungalows overlooking the river – even a traditional outdoor herbal sauna. A popular hangout for backpackers is a buffet restaurant and book exchange owned by a young Swedish expat and his local Lao wife. Their breakfast and dinner buffets and cocktail specials are the stuff of legend among travelers in this region.

1507861_1498659337066177_1153180641663445439_n 10380288_1498657960399648_9199778351127907984_n

Clue #3: The town is famous for the two caves about a 20 minute hike outside of town. During a certain “secret” American operation of the late 1960s, the entire population of the town hid in these dark caves for years as bombers delivered almost 2 million tons of ordinance, reducing the region to rubble. The villagers only emerged in the middle of the night to forage for food.


Okay, all you savvy Googlers get a-Googlin’ and come up with the answer. It’s challenging but not impossible (hint, just put some phrases and details into the search box to narrow it down -this place is on the Internet). We’ll reveal the name of the town and the three winners of the drawing on Tues, July 7, the day before the Kickstarter campaign launch. Remember: if you have the answer either send us a Facebook message or email us at misadventuristfilms@gmail.com. We’ll let you know in advance if you have it right.

Happy searching…..

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