Pop Quiz: Answer and Winners!

Okay, it’s time to reveal the winners of our 24 Hour PopQuiz! (Drum roll please, drummer that we keep on hand just to provide dramatic build-ups…)

And the correct answer was: NUMBER 2.


Even the very famous in India (like actress Aishwarya Rai, who rumor says had to marry a peepal tree before her Bollywood wedding) cannot escape the funky aura of being a Manglik, according to an extremely credible Bollywood tabloid we just Googled.

If the rumors are true, the poor peepal tree (a kind of ficus important in Ayurvedic tradition) would have only been allowed a brief moment to contemplate its new life as a Bollywood beau before being burned to death.

Because only three of you guessed correctly – Rob Woodruff, Samantha Hammerschmidt, and Linda Marus – and normally we pick three winners from a hat, all of you will receive the grand prize of a postcard from our travels! We’ll message you all to collect your addresses and you should be receiving the postcards within a week.

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