Ta Prohm (3 Temples, Part III)


This final installment in our serial short film – “Three Temples, Part IV: Ta Prohm”  – takes us on a rather hallucinatory journey through the final temple the Misadventurists explored on their visit to Angkor Wat.

Immortalized by the Tomb Raider films, Ta Prohm is an atmospheric, tumble-down wonder that can only be reached via a half-mile pathway through thick jungle.

Stax wanted to get across via film and sound our total exhaustion by this point in the day, with sweltering 100 degree heat adding to our already mounting fatigue. The thickness of the heat and the cries of the jungle birds, along with the weirdness of the locale and a relentless stream of comically well-dressed tourists joined together to make this the weirdest and most colorful of our temple experiences.


Produced, shot and edited by Stacy Libokmeto for Misadventurist Media. (c) 2016 Misadventurist Media.

Music: “Shutdown” by Noidboy. From 2016 album “Elp” on UpitUp Records.
Shared via FreeMusicArchive.org. (Shutdown by Noidboy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.)