Webseries Update: Translation almost complete!

Fellow Misadventurists,

Good news! We have an update worth reporting regarding the first episode of “A Wedding of Cultures” .

As some of you may know, we experienced a bit of trouble finding a suitable translator for the Khmer Wedding pilot episode of our Web series. But after a few false starts, we’ve finally found a couple of exceptional university students who were willing to put in the time needed to complete this brain-busting job.

Khmer is exceedingly unlike English in form and grammar and presents a challenge for even those fluently bilingual in both languages. Some concepts don’t make sense, and expressions are not always clearly transmissible into English. Several times, one of our translators has had to call mothers and grandmothers during our translation sessions to see if they can interpret a phrase.

Not to mention, the time commitment is immense, requiring the translator to sit side by side with the filmmakers as we transcribe. Luckily these two Cambodia-born students from the Cambodian Student Association at Portland State University have been up to the task, taking time away from studies to help us out.

As a result, we are only a couple of weeks away from being done with the translation and hence, almost ready to start editing the full first Webisode! Thanks to all those who helped support Episode 1 and 2,  and we’ll have frequent updates on the blog and our Facebook page as we have more info available.  Stay tuned! (And of course we’ll have more fun videos and updates coming up for you on this blog.)



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