I Do: A Wedding of Cultures



From “I Do: A Khmer Wedding Tale.” Image (c) 2015 Misadventurist Media. All rights reserved.

I Do: A Wedding of Cultures is an original documentary Web series that asks the question: how are weddings, with their age-old traditions rooted in feudal and tribal societies, still relevant in this highly mobile, globalized era?

To answer this question, we’ll be following brave couples belonging to different cultures on every continent, as they prepare for and follow through (or don’t follow through) with their weddings. We’ll capture the wedding traditions themselves, and we’ll talk to parents and older relatives as well as the younger generations of family and friends.

Bride's father inspects the Khmer wedding decorations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. From the webseries pilot,

Bride’s father inspects the Khmer wedding decorations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. From the webseries pilot, “I Do: A Khmer Wedding Tale”. Image (c) 2015 Misadventurist Media.

On a wider level, we will contrast what many see as the typical wedding with the stubbornly individual reality throughout the world. Through it all we will be obsessed with one question: What if weddings are about more than their superficial trappings? What if weddings are a window into a culture, a history…a people? 




  1. I forwarded this website to the Anthropological department at University of New Orleans. I did it through the often-used Yahoo group. I would love to push it further if it doesn’t appear to have made it to many people through that forum.
    New Orleans has a wedding culture that differs from many others in America, although not all New Orleanians are of that optional wedding culture. I hope that makes sense. However, I think you area already a little familiar with it, but that is why I thought it would be good to forward your project to my Alma-mater.
    Please let me know if anyone from UNO contacts you.
    Good luck. Love you guys!

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