About Us

 We are Misadventurist Media, a Chiang Mai based video production team focused on feature-length documentary, short doc features and web videos. our focus is on how humans are interconnected through our vast cultural and natural world .

Our Kickstarter campaign was a success and now we are on the road, continuing with the next phase of our Web series, I Do: A Wedding of Cultures.




Stacy Libokmeto

Stacy Libokmeto is a journalist and independent filmmaker formerly based in New York City and now based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

She has produced for BRICArts Media in Brooklyn, New York, Oregon Art Beat and Oregon Field Guide in Portland, Oregon. She acted as an assistant editor and production coordinator for Bravo TVOff the Fence, and the Style Network in New York, and was the Assistant Editor on the Emmy-nominated Style: Exposed special, Sperm Donor.  Stacy  shot video for the independently produced documentary An Exile’s Home in the Bronx, which aired on Setanta Sports in Ireland, and was the DP for producer Andrew Hongo’s documentary Highlands, about the people of Vietnam’s central mountains.

In 2011, Stacy graduated from New York University with a Master’s degree in News and Documentary. There she produced, shot and edited Children of Strategic Trust. The independently produced documentary is about the nuclear legacy of the United States and the Marshall Islands. The documentary includes interviews with the Marshallese victims of the U.S. nuclear bomb testing strategy in the Pacific nation, victims who for years have lived with the effects of the radioactive fallout on their land, their bodies and their descendants.

Stacy also received a B.A in History and English and a minor in Film Studies at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.




Benjamin Spencer

Benjamin is a digital and multimedia journalist, writer, and photographer formerly based in New York City, now based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Benjamin has been a videographer at the Pickathon Music Festival for two years, and he was the sound man for producer Andrew Hongo’s documentary Highlands in central Vietnam.  As a journalist, he has been published in the Gotham Gazette, Crain’s New York Business; as a photographer, videographer and journalist in Dollars & Sense; and as a blogger on TruTV’s Dumb as a Blog and Conspiratorium.

Benjamin earned a BA in Anthropology from Portland State University and a BA in  Journalism from the City University of New York/Baruch College.  He currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has way too many guitars.

Twitter: @BeejMckay
Flickr:      http://www.flickr.com/photos/benspencer


3 thoughts

  1. Looks like you’ve done some solid work! My documentary film talks about the impact of technological advances on society – as a ‘primer’ for dealing with upcoming tech like Nanotechnology. I also do short films and Lots of photography and feature film scripts

      • Hello,
        Yes, I am.
        The concern at the moment is securing funding.
        Specifically, I will need to travel to NYC and Los Angeles for multiple projects but the documentary is priority; the upcoming film “Transcendence” addresses a few points so the general idea will be easier to explain to the Masses after its release in a few months.
        You can reach me at johnrez at gmail


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