Lost and wading through Translation

Relying on someone else to translate your thoughts while in another country can sometimes lead to hilarious moments, moments you might not even realize are hilarious until months later when you’re going through your footage with a different translator and those strange answers and odd looks you kept getting from your interview subject suddenly makes sense. … More Lost and wading through Translation

Webseries Update: Translation almost complete!

Fellow Misadventurists, Good news! We have an update worth reporting regarding the first episode of “A Wedding of Cultures” . As some of you may know, we experienced a bit of trouble finding a suitable translator for the Khmer Wedding pilot episode of our Web series. But after a few false starts, we’ve finally found … More Webseries Update: Translation almost complete!

VIDEO SNAPSHOT: Motoring Bokor NP, Cambodia

Here’s another Video Snapshot for our beautiful followers. Bokor Mountain Hill Station in Kampot province, Cambodia, was built by the colonial French as a resort for their brass at the top of a 3,200 ft peak in the Elephant Mountains. In the next decades various occupiers used the run-down shell as a strategic outpost to spy … More VIDEO SNAPSHOT: Motoring Bokor NP, Cambodia

VIDEO – Three Temples, Part IV: Ta Prohm

This final installment in our serial short film – “Three Temples, Part IV: Ta Prohm”  – takes us on a rather hallucinatory journey through the final temple the Misadventurists explored on their visit to Angkor Wat. Immortalized by the Tomb Raider films, Ta Prohm is an atmospheric, tumble-down wonder that can only be reached via … More VIDEO – Three Temples, Part IV: Ta Prohm

VIDEO: Three Temples, Part II: Sunrise Over Angkor Wat

As promised, we bring you Part II of our new serialized short film. Three Temples: Sunrise over Angkor Wat is set just after the previous intro we posted, on the grounds of the main temple at Angkor as the sun rises and the day heats up. Enjoy! Produced, Filmed and Edited by Stacy Libokmeto. All … More VIDEO: Three Temples, Part II: Sunrise Over Angkor Wat