Before Dawn (3 Temples Intro)

A lot of the experiences we’ve had traveling the world are easy to classify and relate to people who haven’t been to those places. But ask us about Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument on Earth – visible from space with the naked eye – created by the visionary leaders of the Hindu Khmer empire […]

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VIDEO: Happy Dancing in Central Europe

Dearest Misadventurists, This week, for your amusement (hopefully) we present a short video of the Misadventurists merrily dancing through Germany and the Czech Republic It’s impossible (and quite pointless) to judge on something this inherently absurd, and even if someone does…well, as one (Taylor) Swiftian witticism points out, “haters gon’ hate, hate, hate, hate, hate..” […]

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Pop Quiz: Answer and Winners!

Okay, it’s time to reveal the winners of our 24 Hour PopQuiz! (Drum roll please, drummer that we keep on hand just to provide dramatic build-ups…) And the correct answer was: NUMBER 2. Even the very famous in India (like actress Aishwarya Rai, who rumor says had to marry a peepal tree before her Bollywood […]

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POP QUIZ: Here’s a new quiz for you all! One of these weird wedding traditions is a real practice. The other two are fake. Respond in the comments or with a FB message with what you think is the REAL wedding tradition (no Googling, people! Just your best guess) by the end of tomorrow, and […]

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