Southeast Asia here we come

My fellow Misadventurists,

We have our plane tickets. We have some tentative subjects. We have most of our gear. We have some great contacts in Cambodia and Vietnam and possibly beyond.

So it’s now official.

We’ll be landing in Hong Kong for the first leg of our documentary shoot/backpacking adventure in only eight, heart-quickeningly short weeks!
Hong_Kong_Skyline-1 (1)
(C) Van Gulik courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

We can’t pretend this departure won’t break our hearts more than a little, as we’ve both fallen in love with our adopted home of Bushwick, Brooklyn, and we can’t say with any certainty when we’ll be able to return. But opportunity, and a chance to strike out on our own – and finally see if this crazy idea will work – awaits us on the Pacific Rim.

Of course all of you will be along for the journey all the way. We promise many more updates to come, whether sick or well, whether on a roll or But for now, on to planning! We have belongings to sell and give away, people to hang with and beloved spots to hang out in before we take off.


A Wedding of Cultures

3457932240_d4d0256e5f_oExciting news, fellow misadventurists! We are announcing our newly formed project, “A Wedding of Cultures” (working title). and happy to say we are tentatively scheduled to begin primary shooting in Cambodia by March of next year.

A Wedding of Cultures is a cultural and social documentary that asks the question: are weddings, with their age-old traditions rooted in feudal and tribal societies, still relevant in this highly mobile era where more and more of the Western world (according to media reports) is abandoning the concept of marriage as a necessity to a stable relationship?

To answer this question, we’ll be following a few brave couples belonging to wildly different cultures around the world, as they prepare for and follow through (or don’t follow through) with their weddings. We’ll talk to parents and older relatives as well as the younger generations of family and friends, exploring the ways in which specific customs are tied to narrative traditions rooted deep in the culture.

On a wider level, we will explore the ways in which a worldwide event and fashion industry has promoted a one-size-fits-all ideal of how one is “supposed” to get married, contrasting what many see as the typical wedding with the stubbornly individual reality. Through it all we will be obsessed with one question: why do people still spend their life savings and put themselves through hell and back just to conform to a tradition that from all Western statistical accounts, seems to be dying?


Of course, we are still in the beginning stages of funding and cultivating sources for this multinational documentary, but watch this space – we’ll be providing major updates regularly on this blog and on the official website here:

As we get this project off the ground, we will be adding features to the website, and of course there will be plenty of ways to help out once we get some footage in the can.

Thanks for your interest! And follow the Misadventurists  on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-the-minute news.