Bluff the Reader/POP QUIZ

Okay loyal readers. It’s time for this week’s Bluff the Reader Pop Quiz! Again, guess which wedding tradition is the real one of the three, and you could win a cool postcard with a personal message from yours truly. No Googling, Scouts Honor (and Beej was a Wolf Scout. If you cheat he’ll know.)


We’ll announce the answer and the three winners of the drawing on Saturday Jul 25.

1. In some parts of central Russia, before she can be considered married, a bride must burn her childhood rag doll (commonly given to daughters) on the groom’s doorstep, then grind the ashes into a loaf of bread.

2. Wedding dinners for important families in some Amazonian villages include an amazing display of eating prowess. The groom’s brothers compete in a raw crocodile-egg-eating contest for the right to court the village head’s daughter.

3. If you’re a groom in parts of Korea, directly after you tie the knot you can expect your groomsmen to tie your ankles together with rope, remove your shoes and socks, and take turnsĀ  slapping your feet with little dead fish. It’s supposed to make you more….ahem….e-fish-ent in bed on your wedding night.

Guesses can be posted in comments, or if you’re an email subscriber only, message us by email at Good luck!


Here’s a new quiz for you all!
One of these weird wedding traditions is a real practice. The other two are fake. Respond in the comments or with a FB message with what you think is the REAL wedding tradition (no Googling, people! Just your best guess) by the end of tomorrow, and the correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a special prize: a cool postcard from somewhere in the world.

1. A Ghanaian tribe’s tradition states that before a man can marry, the potential groom and his future father-in-law must race through sometimes thick forest – on only one leg – from the groom’s village to the bride’s village. If the groom loses the race, the wedding is off!

2. In some Hindu belief, a bride (or groom) that is born under certain a certain unfavorable astrological sign will be doomed to an unhappy marriage. The situation can be remedied, according to some traditions, by the afflicted partner first marrying a tree. If the tree is then burned, the effects of the bad luck will be nullified.

3. In far northern Norway, some villages still practice an old tradition: The entire village gathers to throw fish innards at a newly married couple as soon as they emerge from the wedding tent. It’s believed to bestow good fortune on the couple.

Okay, pick which one you think it is and either respond in comments or by email!