Lost and wading through Translation

Relying on someone else to translate your thoughts while in another country can sometimes lead to hilarious moments, moments you might not even realize are hilarious until months later when you’re going through your footage with a different translator and those strange answers and odd looks you kept getting from your interview subject suddenly makes sense. […]

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So Much to Do – So Little Time

Hello fellow Misadventurists, We’re in the midst of a melee of preparation for our documentary. If you were to come up a metaphor for our status, our company would be like a hot air balloon struggling to get aloft with a giant rhino charging toward us; but the basket is weighed down with ballast, and […]

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A Wedding of Cultures

Exciting news, fellow misadventurists! We are announcing our newly formed project, “A Wedding of Cultures” (working title). and happy to say we are tentatively scheduled to begin primary shooting in Cambodia by March of next year. A Wedding of Cultures is a cultural and social documentary that asks the question: are weddings, with their age-old traditions rooted […]

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