Ta Prohm (3 Temples, Part III)

This final installment in our serial short film takes us on a rather hallucinatory journey through the final temple. Immortalized by the Tomb Raider films, Ta Prohm is an atmospheric, tumble-down wonder that can only be reached via a half-mile pathway through thick jungle. Stax wanted to get across our total exhaustion, with sweltering 100…

Bayon (3 Temples, Part II)

Hi Misadventurists – time for Part III of our serialized short, “Three Temples”! This episode takes you through Bayon, the one-time center of Angkor Thom – and otherwise known as the Temple of Faces (you’ll soon see why…) Shot by Stax and Beej. Edited by Stax. Narrated by Beej.  

Read Our Guest Article on PeanutsorPretzels.com!

Hi Misadventurists, Occasionally we guest post on other travelers’ blogs, and Liz and Josh from peanutsorpretzels.com were kind enough to invite us to post on their awesome, super-glossy website about filming our Web series in Cambodia. Liz and Josh are currently in an area of China with spotty wi-fi so we thank them doubly for…

VIDEO: Khmer New Year at Wat Ek Phnom!

I’m quite sure that there is a fascinating cultural or folkloric root for these New Year shenanigans somewhere in the mists of Cambodian history.
But you can be sure that Beej is not contemplating this academically as he brakes, weaves, and struggles to avoid hitting these youths who seem mysteriously determined to be hit by somebody.