This Week’s Bluff the Reader/Pop Quiz Answer Revealed

It’s the moment of truth for another Bluff the Reader Pop Quiz.

And so, Without further ado (or interruption, or digression, as it were, et cetera), the correct answer was #3!


Seems too ridiculous to believe, huh? But you must all have fish on your minds, because a lot of you beat us at our game and got this one right.

So many, in fact, we actually had to get out the Sorting Hat (a.k.a, Beej’s greasy old ball cap he’s worn all around the world and never washed ONCE), which we only break out of its glass case on special occasions like this (because the smell). From this hat, we drew three winners:

1. Lady Miriam Barber of Santa Cruz
2. The Right Honorable Matthew Ten Eyck of San Diego
3. Duchess Debbie Libokmeto of Kansas City

Sadly, after an exhaustive YouTube search we couldn’t find a video of the practice (idea for a future episode?), but as a consolation, here’s an awesome remake of “Gangnam Style” done at a Korean-American wedding in Oakland, CA:

Bluff the Reader/POP QUIZ

Okay loyal readers. It’s time for this week’s Bluff the Reader Pop Quiz! Again, guess which wedding tradition is the real one of the three, and you could win a cool postcard with a personal message from yours truly. No Googling, Scouts Honor (and Beej was a Wolf Scout. If you cheat he’ll know.)


We’ll announce the answer and the three winners of the drawing on Saturday Jul 25.

1. In some parts of central Russia, before she can be considered married, a bride must burn her childhood rag doll (commonly given to daughters) on the groom’s doorstep, then grind the ashes into a loaf of bread.

2. Wedding dinners for important families in some Amazonian villages include an amazing display of eating prowess. The groom’s brothers compete in a raw crocodile-egg-eating contest for the right to court the village head’s daughter.

3. If you’re a groom in parts of Korea, directly after you tie the knot you can expect your groomsmen to tie your ankles together with rope, remove your shoes and socks, and take turnsĀ  slapping your feet with little dead fish. It’s supposed to make you more….ahem….e-fish-ent in bed on your wedding night.

Guesses can be posted in comments, or if you’re an email subscriber only, message us by email at Good luck!